Bravo Italia 5 June 2011



I am on Bravo Italia starting on the 5th of June this year. Is any one else on this tour, or has anyone been on it and can offer advice and/or tips?

Look forward to hearing from you!

:slight_smile: Rach



I’m going on this tour too. I’ll be travelling solo so hoping to meet some friendly people. So excited!!



Hi Kate,

I’m travelling solo too so it’s always fun to meet up with other solo travellers on a tour. Not long to go now - so excited!

~ Rach


Hi Rach

Nice to hear from you again. I can’t believe the trip is coming up so soon! I’ll be in Rome by myself from the afternoon of June 3 when I finish the Roman Road tour until Bravo Italia starts. If you’re in Rome before the tour and would like to meet up beforehand let me know.

Is anyone else out their doing this tour too?



Hi Kate,

I arrive in Rome on the afternoon of the 4th so if you’d like to meet up on the morning of the 5th that’d be great. I’m staying at the same hotel we are staying at on the tour - are you too?
I have a week till I fly out and cannot wait!

~ Rach


I’ve sent you a private message Rach.


Hi Kate & Rach,
I’m also going on the Bravo Italia tour (solo) on the 5th, I haven’t booked flights yet :-S but should be fine! I’m quite excited!


Hi Kel,

It’s nice to know there’s going to be at least a few of us travelling solo on the tour. Looking forward to meeting you. I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon now!



Hi guys… im doing the Pronto Italia… on the 10th on june… i think it meets up with your tour while your in Florence?


Hi guys!

I did this tour a couple of summers ago and had a blast!! Visiting the smaller towns is the best part (Lucca, Assisi, Siena) and also the Cinqueterre walk was spectacular. Make sure you get a good nights sleep before that day because the walk is hard work but well worth it! We sat on the beach for the rest of the day.
Also the day trip to Capri was beautiful.
Be prepared to live off of pasta and pizza. It’s all about carbs in Italy.
Learn some basic italian words, many of the locals outside of Rome and Florence don’t speak a word of English (or refuse to). So learning how to ask for a bottle of water, gelato etc goes a long way!!

Any specific questions let me know I’d be happy to help!



Hi Laura

My fincee and I are planning to do Bravo Italia next year in May for our honeymoon :). I am hoping you can tell me about the acoomodations that topdeck provided. How were they? Did they have a private bathroom? Were the hotels far away from the City centres?

Also, did you find couples on that tour? I hope you free time to do things on your own during the tour as people seem to indicate. Can you elaborate on the free time avail.?

Thanks a lot!


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