Bravo Italia 3rd July 2011


Hi there,
Just wondering who else is going on the Bravo Italia tour heading off on the 3rd of July.
Feel free to send me a message:)


Hey Monique
I’m doin the Bravo Italia tour on my own but i’m heading off at the end of August, have you travelled on one of these before or is this your first time?



Sorry for the deleyed reply, I haven’t been on this forum in months!!
Yes this will be my first time on a Topdeck Tour, and my first trip to Europe.
Being 18 I thought it was the perfect way to spend some of my gap year.
I’m getting very excited!
Is this your first tour as well??



Hey there
Thats ok…i’m not on here much either :slight_smile:
Yep my first one too then spending an extra week after the tour in Rome.
Well since ur going before me, def send me a message or something and lemme know how it is / goes etc. Got no idea how i’m gonna pack, or what to do bout phone over there either.
But I’m so excited! Can’t wait!!!


Oh lucky you!! I will send you a msg when I get back! I’m taking my iPhone, but using an international sim & turning off roaming. As for the packing, I guess I’ll just have to let you know from experience! haha:)
I know I’m so excited as well! 25 days!!


Cool, have you got the sim card that Topdeck provide? I’m thinking of getting that and just taking my HTC. Good point bout turning off roaming tho…don’t want to come home to a huge phone bill lol!


I’m going to buy it right now because I can’t find a better deal than that!:slight_smile:
Yeah I want to use FB on my phone while I’m away so I don’t want to come home with a massive phone bill either:P