Bravo Italia 29th Sept 06


Hello everyone in the Topdeck World, is there anyone out there going on the Bravo Italia trip??? It’s the first time I’ve been on a Topdeck Trip and was wondering if anyone has any ideas what I am to expect from the trip. Cannot wait for a few beers and many laughs!!![br][br]Look forward to hearing from anyone[br][br]Rob :sunglasses:


Hi Rob, I’ve been on a tour of Italy before it was brill. Sadly I’m not going on this one (lack of funds). Are you travelling alone? If so, lets hope some fellow travellers introduce themselves on here first. I found it helped on my trip as I was a lone traveller :slight_smile:


Really looking forward to it! It’s gonna be the first time traveling on my own. Seen one of the topics further down and the trip sounds really good. Anything I need to know when traveling to Italy? Most people I’ve spoken to have said have said Italy is quite expensive. :sunglasses: