Bravo Italia 29th July 2016 - 10th August 2016


Hi Guys!
Aimee from Australia here - solo traveler booked on the Bravo Italia Top Deck Tour starting on the 29th of July. Just thought i would tune in here and see if anyhow else has booked this tour :smile:

Cheers Aimee


I’m booked in on this one :smile:


Sweet Neil, where abouts are you from?


Hey, I’m from the uk! But I’ve never been to Italy before so I’m pretty excited for this. When will you be arriving in Italy?


Oh awesome stuff, me either this will be my first Europe trip so I am also very keen!
I fly into Rome the day that the tour starts actually. What about yourself?


Hi guys,
I’m also from Australia booked on this tour :raised_hands:
I arrive in Rome on the 26th July!

Pretty excited for my first trip to Europe.


Hi Lori, That is awesome!
Me too so excited, a little nervous about doing it solo but cant wait to visit Europe!


Hey guys, i am also on this one! Landing the 28th for a pre night though


Hi Kim,
YAY, where abouts are you from?
I am literally landing the day of the tour, so hoping not to get lost on the way to where i have to meet all you guys.
Looking forward to it guys :smile:


I am from Australia, up North near Cairns. Haha I’m sure you’ll make it no problem!


Haha yes im sure i will make it!
Oh awesome stuff, i am originally a Townsville Girl :slight_smile:


Haha that’s I’m living!!


Oh get out, small world much… lol
Look forward to meeting you :slight_smile:


Hey guys I’m Amy from Australia too! I’m booked to come on this tour as well!


Hey @AME090 I also fly in the same day! What time do you arrive?


Hi @Amy00 I arrive in Rome at 1pm. What about yourself?


I get in at 7am! :zzz:

Add me on Facebook if you’d like

Have you guys got a Facebook group?


Will do @Amy00 :slight_smile:
No Facebook group has been created but that’s a great idea!


HI all.
The closer we get the more nervous/excited I get.
5 weeks tomorrow until I leave…

Looking forward to meeting you all.


Hey everyone, Lori, Aimee and I are chatting on Facebook if you want to join? Let me know and I’ll add you in!!