Bravo Italia (28 Aug - 09 Sep) Anyone else?! Previous travelers?


First time posting / traveling with TourDeck / etc.

Couldn’t pass on the sale price for a guaranteed trip! Is anyone else going?

For those who have been on it before, how did you like it? Any tips?


Of the five Topdecks I’ve done so far, Bravo Italia was definitely my favorite!
Tips of the top of my head:

1.) Do all the optionals, they’re all things that you would generally want to do in Italy anyway.
2.) Book the big stuff in advance if it is not offered as an optional through the group. Things that come to mind are the Accademia (where the David is), climbing the Duomo, and some tours at the Uffizi museum in Florence.
3.) If you are interested in history, the Vatican offers a little advertised tour of the old Roman catacombs under St. Peter’s. It includes the remnants of the previous Cathedrals at that location and many old Roman tombs unearthed accidentally a few decades back, including one believed to be where the Basilica’s namesake is interred. If interested, look for the Vatican Excavation department website.
4.) Be careful with limoncello, it’s served in shot glasses but is meant to be sipped. My roommate learned this the hard way, but in fairness he also downed half a jug of it in the course of a couple hours.