Bravo Italia 27th of August to 8th of September 2018


Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone is doing the Bravo Italia tour on 27th of August to the 8th of September 2018? I’m going by myself at this point and will be my first time travelling alone and out of Australia as well.
Just wanting to see if anyone is doing this too


I am planning to take the same trip around this time next year (also by myself and from Australia).

The dates I choose will be contingent upon when the Explorer trip around France will be scheduled in 2018, however, it is likely that I will be going this time.


Hi, makes me feel so much better that someone else might be going on this trip too, was scared no one was gonna go! I’m from Queensland, how about you?


i’m also looking at taking this tour. (also from Australia)
Just waiting to confirm dates! :smile:


Hi Bella, where you from in Australia?, very exciting when I know others are going on this trip too, won’t be so lonely :smiley:


Down in Victoria, what about you?
I know right, makes it a little less daunting :blush:


I live up in Queensland :smile:


Are you thinking of going on this tour around the same time?, just wanting to make friends before the tour :slight_smile:


I was looking at going at this time but because of work I’ve decided to go a month earlier! :blush: Hope you have a great time!


Would it be around the August one? I was thinking of changing it to earlier because I was noticing everyone was doing the August ones instead


Yeah it’s in august but I also decided to go with contiki as they have 10% off at the minute!


Still yet to confirm dates, but August - September. I’m from Sydney :slight_smile: Would be lovely to meet some fellow Australians on the trip.


I have changed the dates of mine to the 27th of August to the 8th of September :slight_smile:


Anyone going 29 july - 10 aug 2018?