Bravo italia 27 sept 09


anyone else on this trip would love to here from u


Hey Ash,[br]looks like we’ll be on the same trip! I’m arriving on the 26th (from Sydney) and staying at the Beathoven Hotel. When do u arrive??[br][br]Bravo Italia (27/9/09 - 9/10/09)


hi col ill be leaving sydney on the 22nd of september going to london for 5 days then on the 27th of setpember will arrive in rome in the morning. cant wait what about u are u travelling alone or with sameone


No i’m travelling alone. I’m flying from Sydney straight to Rome, doing this trip, then heading up to Scotland for another couple of weeks.[br]How about you? Travelling alone or with friends??[br][br]Bravo Italia (27/9/09 - 9/10/09)


travelling with a friend your the first person i have spoken to on this trip i was starting to think we were going alone or there were going to be loads of couples,so how old are you, my friend abbey is 21 and im ashlee 24.


I’m 27. Originally from Scotland, but now live in Sydney. I just booked this trip about a week ago, not sure how many spots were still left, but here’s hoping it fills up quite quickly and we get to meet a few more ppl before the trip starts![br][br]Bravo Italia (27/9/09 - 9/10/09)


well one of my friends wanted to come and travel agent has said the tour is full so hopefully start hearing from people soon im glade to hear from u now i know is not just me and abbey by ourselfs


Hi Ash and Col,[br][br]My sister and I are also booked on this tour. We arrive in Rome on the 25 September staying at Hotel Beethoven after visiting Dubai and Cairo. Can’t wait till September.


i know what you mean i cant wait neither. so were u from?


I’m from Gympie in Queensland and my sister lives in Darwin. I’m looking forward to checking out some of the sites from Angels and Demons when in Rome.


Hi![br][br]We have also booked onto this tour. Our plans are to arrive in Amsterdam for a few days (around the 22/9) and then we are heading to Oktoberfest for a few days, then down to Rome for the start of the tour arrving on the morning that the tour departs.[br][br]We are a couple, im 26 and he’s 28. Ive done a few contiki’s through Europe before, but never topdeck. I cant wait!!


Hey guys,[br]well it’s good to ‘meet’ a few other ppl i’m gonna be spending 13 exciting days with (including my b’day!). Like u guys, I’m already really excited, and can’t wait for Sept to roll around.[br]I been checking out some of uor stops on Google maps and having a look at some of the photos - although I’m starting to wonder if I’m just going to ruin the surprise for when I get there! Lol![br][br][br][br][br]Bravo Italia (27/9/09 - 9/10/09)


I know what you mean Col, I’ve been going crazy researching on the internet as well. How cool having your birthday os with new friends. What day is it and where will we be?[br][br]Tina[br]Bravo Italia[br]27 Sept, 2009


Yeah I only realised it after I had finished booking it all (how dumb does that sound! lol) It’s Oct 4th, which is day 8 of the trip. So we’ll be in Lucca, Pisa & La Spezia… not a bad birthday I’m predicting! [br]So I’ll be expecting all my new friends to come out and celebrate with me!! (and if we all have a few drinks on night 7 in Florence, then we can be celebrating as I officially turn 28! (How old!))[br][br]Bravo Italia (27/9/09 - 9/10/09)


ill be having my birthday on the trip to 28th september nice birthday i think, i though i was crazy im always on the computer google stuff for our trip, i just want to see everything dont want to miss a thing.


Having birthdays away are great fun. I was in Vanuatu for my birthday last year and had a ball. 28 is not old. I’m one of the 30 somethings so I think I’ll just call myself grandma now. Even though I’m old, I’m all for celebrating birthdays with a few drinks. Bring on September![br][br]Tina[br]Bravo Italia[br]27 Sept, 2009


who cares about age where all going to have a great time, time of our lifes.[br]


So what sort of people are you all? On the contiki’s i have done you can break it down to 3 general classes of people.[br][br]1) The ones that want to go and party late into the night, and spend loads of time sleeping on the bus between stops.[br]2) The ones that just want to shop, shop, shop (mainly girls and clothes!!)[br]3) The real touristy/history buffs, the ones that want to see EVERYTHING in a tiny amount of time.[br][br]Then there is always the combo between the three![br][br]Im defintely option 3, although for about 3 nights of the week I am option 1. Shopping is good, but will only probably do this in Florence for all the leatherwear and massive markets and venice for all their amazing murano glass jewellery. [br][br]


Good question Lozzie! [br]I’m definately a combo of 1 & 3. I love the touristy stuff, taking all the snaps and seeing everything I possibly can. However, I also love a good night out, so will be looking to party at any opportunity too! The way I see it, we’re only there for 13 days (with a good chance that we’ll never be back there again), so may as well burn the candle at both ends and have a blast![br][br]-Col[br][br]Bravo Italia (27/9/09 - 9/10/09)


im 3 and 1 want to see and do everything and some nights will want to go out and have a good time hoping everyone will be involved.[br]