Bravo Italia - 24 Sep to 8 Oct


Hi My name is Michelle. My husband, Dave and I both from UK are interested in the Bravo Italia for travel between 29 Sep and 8 Oct, wonder anyone out there is going after this trip this period too? And for those who had travelled with the tour trip, any handy advice you would like to share? [br][br]The itinerary did not say much about the accomodation but just briefly mentioned it is a 2-star or 3-star traditional hotel. Wonder how is the hotel like? [br][br]Hope to hear from someone soon…thanks!:slight_smile:


Hi Michelle! I went on this trip in May and had a ton of fun…I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in visiting Italy. You get to visit the big cities, but in my opinion, the best part of the trip was the day we spent in Cinque Terre…it’s so beautiful and it’s not a place a lot of other tours go. As far as hotels go, they were what you should expect fro two and three star hotels. The hotels we had in Rome and Florence were pretty nice, especially the one in Florence which was in an awesome location. Our room in La Spezia was TINY, but our friends across the hall had a huge room, so it depended. The hotel in Venice definitely left something to be desired (they had the shadiest setup for a bathroom I’ve ever seen that definitely caused some flooding), but it was livable. But shady hotel aside, it was an aweome trip and I would go again if I had the chance! The trip was a great introduction to the big cities, but it was also nice cause you got to visit a lot of the smaller towns like Assiss (so beautiful) and Sienna. So yeah, if you couldn’t tell, I loved this trip!


hi thanks…thats very handy…at least we know what to expect…but looked like its going to be a great one apart from the venice hotel …Yes, i noticed that none other tour group included cinque terre in their package…and this is one of the places in italy a friend recommended…said it was awesome. [br][br]Did u get a chance to visit Gallery Ufizzi in Florence?


Nope, didn’t get a chance to go to the Uffizi Gallery, but we did go to the Accademia and saw David (he’s beautiful by the way). We also climbed to the top of the Duomo, which I totally recommend as long as you’re not claustrophobic!


oh yeah, i heard david was gorgeous…one of the arts i would like to see…will try and see if can fit in ufizzi somewhere…did u go along with leathercraft demonstration…any good? I heard there are some factory outlets with good bargain too. How was the wine tasting experience…we were quite excited about that too?[br][br]We read that top deck gives the group more freedom compared with Contiki or other agents…what is yr opinion?


Hi! I did go to the leather demonstration…it was really interesting and all their stuff was really beautiful, but too expensive for my taste. I didn’t really see any factory outlets, but they have a big market in Florence and you can find a lot of cheap stuff there. I haven’t done a Contiki tour, but all I can say is that we had a ton of free time with Topdeck and I loved it. In each of the big cities you go to your tour director will take you on a walking tour to see all the major sites and then will give you the rest of the day to do whatever you want. In Florence we did a night walking tour the day we got there so we would have an entire day to ourselves (minus the leather demonstration). In Rome and Venice we had pretty much half a day to do as we wanted, but it was enough time as long as you had an idea of what you wanted to see.


all these sound fantastic…thanks for the valuable info…we are now even more looking forward to our trip…cheers! :slight_smile:


Hi Michelle,[br]just read your post now. I am a topdeck tour leader and I am about to start my 5th Bravo Italia this season, so thought I could give you some extra information.[br]I enjoy the tours very much, you really get an idea of Italy, the culture and the people. As opposed to the bigger Europe trips, there is not too much time on the coach, but lots of opportunity to see the cities and the sights. Even though it’s a cruisy trip, it is quite full on sometimes because we want to fit as much awesome things in as we can. So for example there is quite a lot of walking, a big 3 hour walking tour in Rome, and about 1.5 to 2 hours in the other cities. I reckon this is the best way to discover things, but some passengers are not prepared for this… So good shoes are the way to go![br]My favourite day on the tour is the Tuscan day trip, including the wine tasting. After a couple of hours in Siena, we go to Villa Buonasera, which is in gorgeous surroundings, pretty much the middle of nowhere, we see how chianti wine is made, and taste about 5 different kinds. All this with a beautiful meal that the lady of the house prepares for us. Everyone always enjoys it heaps and it is quite special because no other tour groups go there.[br]The hotels vary from tour to tour so not sure if you would be in the same ones as kdop27. I know hotel Lloyd in Venice is not the best, but sometimes we are in Lugano too, wich is across the road and 4 stars… So not to worry[br]I could go on and on and on but just tell me if you have any more questions and maybe I will see you in september![br]Kobes.


Im considering this tour for May 2008 and I just have a few questions:[br][br]- Who are the people that usually go on this tour? ie: it is mostly Couples? mostly women?[br][br]Im 24 and will be travelling alone…[br][br]- is the vatican city included in the tour price?[br][br]thanks!![br]Filiz


Hi Filiz, [br][br]I am so happy to see your message! I booked the Bravo Italia tour this morning - the 22 June to 4 July 2008. I am also 24 and going alone! I’m nervous but so so excited! Expecially after booking my flights etc today:) [br][br]I’m also going on the Topdeck Euro Odyssey tour 31 May to 17 June.[br][br]This tour sounds great, I can’t wait! Thanks to everyone else for all the extra info:)[br][br]Anyone else planning on either of these tours?[br][br]Tammy:)


Hi Filizhn, I did the Discover Europe trip just recently and no, the Vatican City is not included in the tour. Basically you pay for all the museums, towers, chateaus etc that you decide to enter. Of course things like Notre Dame, the Pantheon etc are free. Nothing is included in the trip unless it says so…ie: “free bicycle tour” etc in Amsterdam and so on. Whatever the checklist says for your tour basically means the tour guide/bus takes you to these places to “sight-see…the outside basically” and you pay for the cost to enter them if you choose. Eg: It said in the Discover Europe trip “after seeing the Postojna Caves…” (you have to pay if you want to enter). This can be misleading. Hope that is of some help.