Bravo Italia 22nd May



Just wondering who is going to be on this tour? I’ll be travelling with a friend but hoping to meet a few people =]]

Can’t wait!!!


Hey Bec

Just got final itinerary for this trip today, can’t wait too.
Getting into Rome on 21st and have booked ticket to get into villa Borghese b4 trip starts.



I will be flying into Milan and staying a night before catching a train to Rome :slight_smile:
Are you travelling by yourself?


Hi Bec

Yes travelling solo. Need a holiday from work! Only 3 weeks to go now and counting. Who else do you know who is going on tour?

Which bit of Oz are you travelling from? A kiwi guy from work did this trip last year with his gf and said it was awesome, just heard to many good things about Italy to put off going there any longer.



Hey =]]
Only my best friend who’s traveling with me that’s all.
18 days!!
Traveling from NSW just A few hours from Sydney.
Wow UK. I don’t know anybody from there! Haha



Only 8ish days to go! I am starting to pack bag this weekend. Are you bringing much in terms of bags?

And are you mixing up clothing between slumming around during the day and nicer night time stuff? I know I need to find that recommended list of what to pack.


Hello =]]
getting pretty excited!! Haha
I’m taking a medium size luggage bag thing and just a handbag to carry in the day =]]
Ive already accepted the fact that I will be taking ALOT more then what’s on the recommended items list haha.
probably just shorts/shirts/dresses for the day =]] nothing special. Just comfy and nice!