Bravo Italia 21 Jul 2013


Hey Everyone!
I have just booked to go on the Bravo Italia tour departing 21st July 2013 - anyone else on this tour?



Hi Anna,

I’m booked in this trip departing on 23 June 2013. Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!!



Hey Anna

Im booked for the 21st of July tour too!
Sooo excited ;D


Hi Kira!
I see you’re from Melbourne!?!? Where abouts? I used to live in Melbourne but now I live in Adelaide!
What other travel plans have you got before Bravo Italia! So excited to hear from someone else doing the trip!

Look forward to getting to know you and meet you in July!!



Yep from Melbourne… I live down the Mornington Peninsula :slight_smile:
Where did u live?
Im doing the Spirit of Europe tour first then have a couple of days in London then this tour!
What about u?
Are u traveling solo?
I am! First time too so very excited and counting down the days! Cannot wait to see Italy, its always been my number 1 destination.
How old are u btw? Im 26 :slight_smile:


Hey Kira!!
I always wanted to check out the Mornington Peninsula when I was in Melbs but didn’t get there! I was living in the Eastern Suburbs.

I’m 27!! So yay, someone who’s around my age! And yes I’m travelling solo - Only ever been to Vietnam and that was with a group of people and all organised for me, so I’m a bit nervous but sooo excited!

At this stage I’m going to Uganda for 2 weeks before Italy, then 2 days in Rome before our tour starts…



Hi everyone!! Who else apart from Kira and I are going on Bravo Italia departing Jul 21 2013??? We’d love to make some connections before we start the tour!
So excited, it’s getting so close!