Bravo Italia 2012 (HTBI)


Anybody else going on this tour September 2nd 2012?


Hey Sienna

I am doing this tour alone. My first time to Italy and first time travelling alone!



You’re going on the September 2nd tour Laura Jo?? I have never been to Italy before either but I’m travelling there with 2 friends (a husband and wife), so they are sharing a room and I will be roomed with somebody else on the tour. I have travelled to Australia before but that’s the only real overseas trip I have done and that was in 1999! It has been awhile! How old are you?
I’m really excited, we just booked our flights last night so it’s all official now!! We will be arriving in Rome on Sept. 1st…


Hi girls!
My best friend and I are also on this tour!
It’s my first time overseas & I can’t wait!!
Soooooo excited :slight_smile:


Where are you guys from? And how old are both of you? Just trying to find out if I’m going to be the oldest one on this tour!! :slight_smile:


Hi girls
I did this tour September last year and can’t recommend it enough. Great tour leader, and I went on my own (first time overseas) and made so many great friends. Wish i could go back again this year!!
If there’s anything you want to know I’m happy to help :slight_smile:


Thanks, it’s comforting to hear from someone who has already been on this tour! Can you tell me if we go in the Coliseum or just a view from the outside? What was the weather like in September? I have no idea what to pack for!


@morningstar3861- we’re both 25 & from Australia (I live in Adelaide) … how old are you & your friends?
@ MissKT - I think you’ve made me even more excited - it’s great to hear that you enjoyed it!


That should have said sienna … Not sure what happened there!! haha


Hi Natasha! Morningstar3861 is my user name so I knew who you were talking to!!

I’m 35 (but nobody believes me when I tell them that!) and my 2 friends are 29 and 30. We’re from Nanaimo (Vancouver Island), British Columbia, Canada.

When are you 2 arriving in Rome? We arrive on the 1st but not sure where we’re staying yet on that first night before the tour starts. We are also spending a few extra days in and around Rome after the tour ends. What are your plans?

I’m so excited, less than 3 months away!! I will finally get to see the city that I’m named after :slight_smile:


A lot of people think I’m a lot younger than I look too!! We’ll be thankful when we’re older, I’m sure :slight_smile:
We arrive on 31st August … Our plan is to stay at the same hotel as the one Topdeck uses but we haven’t booked yet.
We would love to stay longer but we leave Rome soon after the tour ends.
I am so excited too!!! Time is going to fly :slight_smile:


We tried to get a room at the same hotel but I think it was already booked! We are staying at one very close though on the night before the tour. Then after the tour we are staying at a hotel that backs on to the Roman Forum! Walking distance to basically everything!

Time will definitely fly by…3 months from now the tour will already be over :frowning: Terrible way to look at it I suppose! Looking forward to meeting you soon!


Hi Siena
No the tour doesn’t include the Colosseum, but on the 2nd day you go to vatican city in the morning, and then get the rest of hte day free to yourselves to explore Rome. Alot of ppl on my tour saw the Colosseum then.
One thing I will recommend - venture out of the main squares / piazza’s of the towns to find better food. Especially in Siena, Rome and Venice…wander down the back streets till you find a restaurant where Italians are eating and you know it’ll be amazing!!!
I’m so jealous! I want to go again!!!


Ooh sorry - weather. Rome, Pompeii and down the Amalfi coast was stinking hot, but then freezing cold and rain heading up to Venice.
Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I obviously haven’t checked into here for awhile as I just saw your 2 posts misskt!! Thanks for responding! It’s great to get feedback from someone who has been on the same tour. We definitely will be finding the ‘off the beaten path’ places to eat…it’s one of the things we look forward to the most!

Did you know any Italian before you went? Do you think it would be very helpful to learn some basics? Or do most people speak some english?


Hey all. I will also be on this tour. I am traveling alone and arrive on the 31st August. I will be staying at the same hotel as the tour uses. I’m 31 and look it, but I have blue hair which distracts people from the onset of crows feet :slight_smile:


Hi Carmela! Glad to see I’m not the only 30 something on the tour!! Maybe they will make us room mates!

My 2 friends and I arrive on the 1st but couldn’t get into the same hotel as the tour for our first night. Are you getting excited? Under 3 weeks to go! I’m getting nervous, haven’t been on a big trip in a long time, especially to a country where I don’t speak the language. Are you staying after the tour or heading home right away?