Bravo Italia -19th May-


Hey all

I will be on this trip. So excited, booked and paid!! All I’m waiting for is the day to come.
First time travelling abroad!

Would be cool to chat with a few other people who are also going on this trip…

Let me know :slight_smile:

Kendra-Lee, 4rm South Africa!


I will also be on this tour!


That’s awesome, where are you from?


I’m from Canada! :slight_smile: When do you arrive in Rome before the tour??


I’m only arriving the morning of the day the tour starts.
I hope I’m right, but I understood the tour is only starting in the afternoon…
When do you arrive?

that’s cool, how old are you? I’m 19 and travelling alone:)
Is it your first time to Italy?


Oh cool! Yup, I think it does start in the afternoon! Ill be arriving a day early though. I’m 22 and also travelling solo :slight_smile: I’ve never been to Italy but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it, very excited!!


That’s so awesome, I’m also way excited!!


Hey guys!

My name is Michelle and I’m from Australia. Just booked this trip and am super excited!! I’ll be going by myself, doing the tour and then hopefully hang out in rome for a little bit and do a language course.

It’ll be great to get chatting to a few people before i head off.

See you on the 19th :slight_smile:


Hey Michelle!

Nice to meet you! :slight_smile: I am also super excited, I can’t believe it’s only 3 months away now! Are you spending any time in Rome before the tour starts??



No unfortunately I arrive that day! The plan is to stay on for a bit afterwards.

Wow 3 months is so soon, having said that I really want to start my trip tomorrow :slight_smile:


This is gonna be awesome! So great to hear your joining us Michelle- the group is getting bigger:) I can’t wait either, the day will be arriving soon!! Can’t wait to meet all of you guys :slight_smile:


Just 8 weeks away!!!


I can’t wait! :slight_smile: I hope the next 8 weeks fly by! Are you guys bringing backpacks or suitcases for the trip?


Hey everyone! I’m Stephanie from Canada. I’m also doing this tour solo. I’m flying into Rome on the 19th. I’m taking a suitcase and a backpack since we’re allowed to take both :slight_smile: Can’t wait to meet you


Hey Stephanie! Glad to hear you’re joining the tour as well! Can’t believe how quickly it’s coming up! :slight_smile:


hi all! i just booked myself into this tour as well :slight_smile: My name is Rebecca, im 27 years old from Australia. CANT WAIT!!! :slight_smile:


I’ll be taking both aswell and then a small bag to be carrying around that holds the necessities:)
Only 6 weeks away now- we should be getting our itinerary soon :smiley:


I’m also booked on this trip. I’m Kristi, 21, and from New Zealand. Ill be arriving in Rome on the 18th and staying in a hostel the night. So excited!! :slight_smile:


Hi Kristi, that’s so cool! We are going to have such a blast! Can’t wait to start this adventure :smiley:


Hey Rebecca and Kristi- I’m glad you’re both coming on the trip too! It’s gonna be so fun
If anyone wants to add me on facebook, feel free to shoot me a PM and I’ll send you my fb account details. It might be an easier way to communicate and get to know each other before the trip! :slight_smile: