Bravo italia 12th of June


Hey guys, anyone else doing the bravo italia tour on the 12th-24th of June??
I’m so excited and looking forward to meeting everyone! :slight_smile:


Hey there, I’ll be on this tour! See you in a few weeks!!! :slight_smile:


yayy awesome! :slight_smile: I’ll be arriving there a couple of days before the tour starts. See you then!


Fantastic! I’ll be arriving on the 11th in the arvo and will be staying at the hotel we begin the tour at! We should defs have a pre-tour drink!! :slight_smile:


Sounds great i’ll see you next week! can’t believe it’s so soon!! So excited :grin:


Hi lovely, are you here @ villa Torlonia? I checked in this arvo, just about to head out to find a shop!! Add me on Facebook, Katy King :slight_smile:


Hey Katy, yes I’m here! :slight_smile: sorry battery died yesterday so didn’t get your msg till late. I’ve got to check out by 11 today so might see you in the lobby area later.


Haha all good! I’m just getting ready to check out, have you got plans for today before the tour starts?


I can meet you by 11 if you don’t? I haven’t made any just yet but keen to get out and about!


Sounds good i’ll be down by 11 too. Haha i’ve pretty much covered most of rome in the past 2 days that i’ve been here lol it’s so amazing! i can meet you downstairs soon and figure out what to do :