Boxing Day in London


Hi,[br][br]I am going to be in London for boxing day. Any suggestions of what I can do? What is open?[br]Thanks,[br]Andrea[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Hi Andrea,[br][br]My partner and I are on the Winter Getaway arriving in London on the night of the 22nd of Dec, we will be spending xmas in london as well, leaving there on the 27th.[br][br]I been told that there is no public transport going on xmas day, and minimal services on boxing day. We haven’t figured out yet what we are doing for xmas, i am sure that at least one pub in central london must be open.[br][br]Anyone else any suggestions on what is the go for xmas in London?[br][br]Desiree[br][br]Winter Getaway (5th December 2009)


I have had a little search on the net and it says there will be limited train service on boxing day. I am staying with my brother in Essex so I am hoping to train it into London for the day. The London Eye and the Changing of the Guards are also happening on boxing day (times are limited). I have also found day tours as well. [br][br]My brother is taking me to the soccer on the 28th so I am sure he will be trying to make me drink lots of beers then![br][br]A pub will be good but i have heard the food in London is really bad so I am a bit nervous![br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Hey,[br][br]I’m from the UK so might be able to help…[br][br]Boxing Day most people will tend to go to the pub! I am from the North and we tend to all go out on Boxing Day evening so I’m sure there will be pubs and clubs open that day and night. [br][br]If you can get to the coast at all, instead of being in London, then some places do a ‘boxing day dip’. It could just be a thing that we do in the North though, maybe try googling it. We all run into the sea for charity! Its a funny sight to see and its bloody freezing.[br][br]As for transport… there should be buses and trains on but check the schedule before you go anywhere. If you are in London just take the underground… that never stops so you’ll be fine. [br][br]There tends to be football matches on on boxing day too… so maybe look at going to one of those if you are into footy[br][br]Have fun! x[br][br]P.S. Food in London isn’t bad!! :-)[br][br]Pyramids and Beaches, February 2009


Thanks for the tip.[br][br]My brother is taking me to a soccer game on the 27th - can’t wait.[br]Are the shops open on boxing day? I love to shop.[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


Hey guys,[br][br]This is a bit tragic but I’ll be hitting the Boxing Day sales! I have plenty of time in Jan to check out the sights, plus I was in London in July when doing another TopDeck tour.[br][br]Also, good to note there is no public transport on Christmas Day. None. Not a single tube service or anything. So if you need to get around then book a cab :)[br][br]Happy holidays!


Sales shopping is my kind of day! I thought there were limited public transport services! Please tell me that is true. I am staying an hour out of London so I am thinking a cab with cost heaps![br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010


If you need travel information for Christmas and New Year in London, check out:[br][br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 3 2010