Boulevards to Beaches departing London 2nd May 2018


Hi all,

I am Jaz from Melbourne. I have booked two Topdeck tours:

  1. Boulevards to Beaches (London To Barcelona) - From 2/5/18-9/5/18

  2. Eastern Spirit (Rome to London) - From 16/5/18-31/5/18

I be in London on 29th April, and then later till mid June.

Let me know if anyone is keen for a catch up before here in Melbourne or in London over a pint!



Hi I’m Kelsey and I’m from Canada! I am part of the European Pioneer tour leaving May 2, which your tour is a part of! I’m in London from April 26.


Nice Kelsey !

We should def. catch up . So excited for this trip.

Also would be great to share tips :slight_smile:


hey Jaz and Kelsey.

I am Gabby - Darwin Aus also on the Boulevards to Beaches tour!
I fly in Monday 30th - a little nervous. this is my first ever solo trip! Super keen for a sneaky drink!!


Hi Gab

Yes, it’s pretty exciting! We can def catch up for a drink. I be stying in Generator for 3 days in London and I fly in on the 29th April.

What are your plans after Barcelona?

I am doing Barcelona and Madrid for few days then I fly to Rome.