Bottled water price in Europe?


I drink alot of water, 1-2 litres a day, but I’m wondering if I need to save extra hard for buying water on my Europe trip - how much is a bottle in an average convinience store? As I’m not sure about drinking tap water there…


Depends where you local sellers around the Vatican for instance may cost you 2-3 euro for a 600ml bottle or you go to a shop a hundred metres down the road 1 euro. Cheaper countries normally 1 euro for a 2 litre bottle. Not really very expensive.

Word of advice if you worry about the cost of little things you will have a crap time i’ve seen it happen first hand. As they get jelous of the people who are there to have fun and aren’t counting the pennies everyday. Go over have fun max out the c/c if you have to and worry about it when you get home :wink:


Hey Kat, just buy a 2L bottle at the start and fill it with tap water!


Good advice Mick!! :smiley: I agree, and I will remember that.

Will just keep a look out for cheap convinience stores on the way. Thanks!