Booze bus


Some tours have a reputation for being ‘boozey’. I’m happy to have a few drinks but want to save the partying for home when there’s nothing to miss. Will I be the odd one out?


Hi Kyla,[br][br]I am so glad that someone else has the same view! I’ll definaltey be up for a few drinks, but I want to be able to wake up the next morning feeling good and be able to enjoy what we are seeing![br][br]Laura


Just to add my bit, you won’t be the odd one out.[br][br]I have just done a hotel trip which I think are a bit less ‘boozy’ than the camping or hostels but people still drank a fair bit. I’m not a drinker so I generally had 1 and that was enough for me. There were people who drank much more but also several who were the same as me. There is no pressure to do anything you don’t want to do.[br][br]Do make sure you go out with others in the evenings. You can then drink as much or as little as you choose.


Hi folks, glad am not the only one who isn’t planning a booz fest, as much as i plan to have a good time i dont want to be on it constantly. Have done the boozy holidays and want to see more of the places i go. Even if you have to que for a bit, been to Amsterdam few times before and walked about loads but still spent much of the time in pubs and never went to the sites like Ann Franks house, and museums that i wanted to see. been reading these forums a while now and hyped to get out there and have a blast with like minded folk. [br][br]European escape 18th oct[br][br]rford


Thanks good to know I’m not alone! My arm is easily twisted (I do love my wine!) but I REALLY don’t want to miss anything cos of a hangover xx( so it’s great to know there are others who will ‘behave’ with me. At least for the most part :slight_smile:


I’ll join you on a vino or to Kyla!


l’ll second that one! Unfortunately for me, l am a serious lightweight, so l could well end up on the floor after max. 3 drinks! But personally l’d prefer to just have 1 drink and save the money for shoes.[br][br]Philippa[br][br]Spirit of Europe 1st September-24th September 2009[br]Studying in London October 2009-January 2010[br]Countries l’ve been to: New Zealand, Hong Kong, America and Eygpt[br]Countries l’ll be going to: England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Aaustria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands