I just had a query about bookings for topdeck.
I have a couple of friends wanting to go on a tour in about 6 months. We’re all from Australia, but we have a friend in the UK who we will meet up with and be doing the same tour as us.

My question is, is it possible for the friend in UK to book all of our tours because the Australian dollar is strong at the moment, and after being converted, it is cheaper for her to book it from her end?

We’re looking to save money wherever we can, and if it’s cheaper, we would probably prefer to go through the UK travel agent.

However, one of the travel agents told us this story where his friends did the same thing, but the guy from Australia wasn’t allowed to go on the tour in the end because he didn’t have a UK passport and the tour was booked through the UK.

So all in all, I guess my question really is, will we be allowed on the tour even if it’s booked through the UK and we have Australian passports!

Thanks so much


Travel agents will tell you anything to get a booking!

If you get your mate in the UK to book direct with Topdeck’s London office then they will have to advise what passports you are all travelling on, so as long as he tells them the correct passports it won’t be a problem. But get him to call the Topdeck office direct, as they are the most helpful reservations staff - don’t bother with a travel agent! And then you can just get flight separately and get teh best price for yourselves!


Hi Joules,

Yes you can book through a UK travel agent (just for the record as well Elle82 - not all travel agents are just after the booking, I always look after my clients best interests). The Aussie dollar is doing really well at the moment which is making it cheaper to book over there, just make sure you pay in full in case the Aussie dollar drops and you end up paying more. Just remember the internet isnt there to help you when something goes wrong, without a travel agent you are on your own…the amount of people that came crawling to me asking for help when the iceland volcano happened…


Hey Joules,

Just to let you know, Topdeck would never refuse you from a tour as long as you have a valid booking and a passport valid for travel.

Topdeck Team


Thanks for the help guys!
We ended up booking a few days ago and paying in pounds! With the discount for paying 6 months in advance, we’ve saved about $900 each.
If we have problems we can just talk to topdeck directly since we didn’t use the travel agent, but that’s ok.
Getting keen!