Book ahead or Wing it?


Hello fellow travellers.[br][br]Would you recommend booking a hostel/bed n breakfast in London beforehand or just wing it and try to find one once landed in London??[br][br]


Hi Sandy,[br][br]I was in the same boat and decided to atleast book accommodation for the 1st night or two until I get my bearings of the area and have a chance to look around for something better… I figured as good as winging it would be I wanted to put my mind at ease that I would definitely have somewhere to stay upon arrival and not have to go searching around for a place… but then again depends on how much time you’ll have in that particular location etc…[br][br]Discover Europe 2009 [br](17th Sept 09 - 12th Oct 2009)


I have saved thousands by Pre booking Accomadation & rail passes,on my UK & Europe trip.[br] There is always a chance for discount when pre booking. [br]But if u pay as u go u are paying full price for every hotel & rail pass etc.[br]As long as u research which areas u would like to stay in, & know roughly where & when u would like to stay, then this is definelty the way to go when it comes to cost.[br] But I have friends who have no idea were there going to be from day to day as they are meeting friends etc. & thats fine as there is usually some kind of last minute accomadation, but it is a risk.


I’d suggest you book somewhere for the first night or 2 if nothing else so you at least have somewhere to go when you get off the plane.


Try checking out a website like - you are more than likely to save a bucket-load of cash and it pays to plan ahead if it’s possible.[br][br][br]_____________________[br][br]Ya can’t buy cultcha, but 12 Turkish Lira can get you fun times!


Thanks for your response everyone![br][br]We’ll be in London for another 6 nights after the tour. We already have one night book post-tour… [br]I am travelling with a friend and shes suggested to wing it but am leaning towards booking it beforehand - but like you guys said, discounts and an ease of mind, I think it will make my trip alot more enjoyable![br][br]Wow! Hostelworld! What a great site!! Thank you!! :smiley: