Blue Lagoons 2nd-9th July


Hey everyone,
My name’s Karlee, loved Turkey last year and was keen to come back for sailing. Just booked as a solo traveller. Who else is going?


@Karlee87 Hi! me and 8 of my friends will be on this one! we’re all getting pretty excited now. woo!! Look forward to meeting you! Dan, Sydney.

:open_mouth: -


Hey Dan!
Yay, I thought I was the only one on this one haha.
So keen for sun and swimming :hugs::+1:t3:
Will be seeing you lot soon :+1:t3::v:t3:


have you all found transportation from the airport to the harbor?


Yo, so I looked online on some websites about the airport a few weeks ago and it said there was some kind of local bus that takes you right into Fetiyhe for I think 10 Lira, but last bus leaves from the airport at 8:30pm.
I also messaged my hostel cos I get in the night before and they said; there’s a couple bus companies from the airport, either havas or muttas and they charge 15 lira per person and then you get a local bus to the hostel which is at the marina and it’s 2 lira