Birkenau and Auschwitz


Hey there i havent planned my tour yet and am tossing up between a few. Just wondering if anyone out there has any idea how long you spend at these 2 concentration camps on the Spirit of Europe tour? just co its something i really wanted to have a good look at and im not sure if its just a quick stop along the way or an actually stop for a decent look. Any help would be great thanks.


Hi Mitch

On the Spirit of Europe you will have the opportunity to have a guided tour of the concentration camp! It is highly recommended!

Topdeck Team


Topdeck poster above sure is cheery about seeing these camps…

You get to see them for a few hours. You start in auschwitz and then go to birkenau, both with a guide. I would certainly recomend getting to see these sights.


Sorry Matt wasnt sure how to word this question without sounding like a weirdo haha guess i failed. The whole war just interests me in general (note: i know war sucks im not for it just like to know about it) thanks for the info guys.


Oh your question was fine, I was just poking fun at how excited the topdeck admin was to respond to a question about such a serious place.

I really did appreciate (because enjoy doesn’t really work here) seeing these camps because it puts a lot of history into better perspective. Plus how many times will you really go back to Poland?


Oh i see sorry i read your post wrong. So youve been on this tour? Was it a good one? Just cos after reading alot of posts on here it seems as if alot of ppl are doing other tours and the only thing really hinting me towards this one is the camps and stuff like that and like you said how often do you go to poland. I will be backpacking my way round Uk and Europe afterwards im just gona wing it and figured this tour might be good since im going in the spring to winter time id like to see these things before its freezing.


I did the mega euro camping trip which was wonderful. If you want to see everything everywhere that’s the way to do it!


Everyone at my work thinks i am weird for wanting to go see Auschwitz. I can’t explain why but i really have to see it. Because of that i am finding it hard to find a tour that goes there. At the moment i am looking at doing the mega Europe tour in 2011. Unless of course it gets cancelled and knowing my luck that will happen :’(


auschwitz was an incredibly sobering experience, but extremely interesting. as far as i know many of topdeck’s euroclub trips go to the camp, i went on the winter getaway last year and went to auschwitz and this year am doing the european pioneer which also goes to another concentration camp, i think you see a camp on almost all of the euroclub trips, but havent checked out the hotel or camping ones!


One of the other camps that is seen by the tours stopping at Munich is Dachau.

I totally agree with Matt and Teeghan - it’s a sobering experience but also a highlight of the tour. I think because the history is still within living memory (i.e., survivors are still alive) that these places resonate so much. While castles and churches have historical significance, most of us have grandparents who fought in the war or volunteered as nurses etc.


Hey I actually chose the Spirit of Europe because of the Auschwitz tour, Our tour was there for the guided tour and for the leg of our tour we also had a polish driver who gave us alot of extra info aswell…

You cant go to Auchwitz most of the time without the guided tour any way so its deff the best way to go


I have been to Dachau, outside Munich about 6 years ago - as the others have said it is a sombering experience.

I am looking to go on the European Spirit in November this year - and I chose it because it does go to Poland, most especially Auschwitz. I’m glad it is not a quick 20 minute stop, as I had feared! I think it is important to visit places and learn more about the past.