Noticed my tour includes a bike tour of amsterdam. I’m really not a bike person, I can ride them - I just don’t like them too much. Do I have to do this? I would much prefer walking. I suppose if push comes to shove I’d just put up with it.


Hey Mishmush,

I completed the European Pioneer tour in Sept/Oct last year and our tour also included a bike tour of Amsterdam. It is completely optional! If you want to do the bike tour you just show up outside just before the tour starts. I would highly recommend it. Amsterdam is a city of 1 million people and 3 million bikes, you have the right of way too on a bike, even over foot pedestrians. Completely up to you, but I would highly recommend trying it!


Thanks for that info, I’ll definatley consider it but im not 100% keen.


Hi, when I went to amsterdam a couple of years ago I was TOTALLY the same, I thought it’d be like full bmx stuff and I haven’t ridden a bike since i was like 5, but it was no biggie at all, amsterdam is flat, its like biking around in a country setting, really nice and fun. you totally make an idiot out of urself (well i did coz i was so nervous) but it was actually really fun and a good memory. warning: your butt will hurt for the next few days though xx( lol



Just wondering if you have any tips on what/what not to pack, where and/or where not to go, weather, anything you regret not doing, and what was good and bad about the European Pioneer? It’s exciting to hear from someone who has been on this tour! We’re booked for the 3rd June.



There are a few threads that talk about what to pack-- I recommend using the search bar as a starting point.


In Vietnam, we have very little walking streets, even to say no. I wanted to walk instead of biking.


You can see a lot more of Amsterdam on a bike than walking; I’d opt for the bike ride and just go for a stroll along the canals later :).


The bike ride was awesome, we went on a Sunday morning so the streets were nice and quiet, the Dutch have great bikes as they go every where on them, the “hardest” bit is going over the canal bridges. Also as you go in a group and there are bike lanes everywhere is it not that hard. On our tour it was optional and you could have a try on the bikes up and down the street out side the departure point to see if you were comfortable.


The bike ride, like everything you do on tour is optional.

You could easily skip any “group” thing and go your own way. You do not have any requirements to do these things. That being said, I’ve been told it’s a good one that’s non-strenuous.