Bigger built girls on tour


I have just booked the 6 day Anzac Patrol and the 16 day Eastern Spirit. I am a bigger built girl and was just wondering if any other bigger built girls can tell me what they thought of the tours hey went on and if they can make any suggestions. I can’t wait for April next year. Any tips welcome.


Don’t let size get in the way of anything!


Hey Hun,

Im on the same tour as you. Dont worry about size, im no skinny minnie and I had a fab time on my last tour (Greek Island Hopper as well so I was in bathers most of the time!).

Its going to be great fun!


Hi AmyH,

Thanks. I cant wait. It is going to be amazing. I am on facebook if youd like to get to know each other more. Just look for Amy Vorwerk.



I haven’t done Top Deck before but I have booked to do Red Start Special next August. I recently finished a 7 week Contiki Tour all around Europe including Dubrovnik and Corfu! So also bathers lol anyway I’m a big girl and I didn’t let that affect my time on my tour at all. And nobody treated me any different or behaved any different around me. Remember people usually arnt that shallow and when your traveling you already have a common interest and usually you have that basic commonalities that help everyone get on. Make the most of life and your trip don’t take the time for granted and do as much as you possibly can you can always sleep later lol!! Life is what you make of it so make it amazing!!

Also I went by myself last time and meet amazing people who i skype with all the time and a really close group of friends that we fly back and forth every so often to see each other and spend time all together again. Also one of the girls that I became really close with actually lives like 5 minutes away from me and now I am traveling to Russia and Scandinavia with her for 7 weeks next year!!

Sorry that was so long in short it will be fantastic you will have a fantastic time and size doesn’t matter!!!


Thanks Lizzie. I am now really excited and cant wait. Bring on next year.


Haha thats hillarious, im a travel agent for Flight Centre aswell…although I dont go down this path to get my business hahahaha!!!


Nothing wrong with advertising our specials Amy!


Lizzie - what day do you leave on your Red Star Special? I’m doing the Russia Scandi tour dep 5th August which I believe is the fisrt 6 days of the Red Star Special :slight_smile:

I have not yet meet anyone that is going on the Russia Scandi.

Hope to hear from you soon.