Big Red to Red Star 9th January- 18th January 2019


Heyyy, I thought I would start a new chat for anyone who is thinking of or has booked this tour in 2019, dating the 9th Jan- 18th Jan, would be great to start talking to people and see what their travel plans are before and after the tour. See if there is any people who are staying longer in Moscow after the tour has finished or moving on to a different country…how exciting!
I personally can’t decide whether to stay in Moscow for 3 days after the tour before I meet a friend in Tromso Norway for a few days before we then go on to start another tour in Copenhagen. Or go back to Finland.
Look forward to hearing from everyone.



Hey Charlotte, my girlfriend and I are going on this tour at the same time. We will be in Helsinki the day before and heading to London after Moscow. Can’t wait to catch up with you and the others, will be a blast.


Hey Ben,
I didn’t even realise I had a reply, I’m there the day before as well, just trying to figure out where to stay, do you know where the meet up point is? would be good to get accommodation near there. I can’t find it anywhere mentioned, when I did a previous tour from London the meeting point was a hotel, so I’m wondering if it’s there same idea.
Thanks for the reply look forward to meeting you both and everyone else.


Hahaha it is a bit like that! I honestly don’t know, I know its at 2pm but your right, its probably where we stay that night. Looking forward to it too! Feel free to add myself or my partner on facebook!


Hi Charlotte and Ben,
My name is Jordyn and I am going to be on this tour solo!
Feel free to add me on Facebook - Jordyn Lee.

I am also wondering where we leave from as I would be keen to stay there the night before too.

Looking forward to meeting you both.



Hey Jordyn,

I presume that when it gets closer they will let us know where the meeting point is, but I am going to see the travel agent this week sometime as need to sort other things out so I will ask her then and let you know.
I looked you up on fb but there was a few people with the same name as you, are you from Perth?
my fb is: CharlotteSouthall93



Hey guys I found out the location we are staying at for the night in Helsinki. We are meeting at 2:00 at the Scandic Grand Marina, which is where we will be staying :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I’m a solo traveller from victoria and will be on this tour as well :smiley: I’ll be in Helsinki a couple days before the tour starts because I’m doing topdeck’s lapland tour the week before and afterwards I’ll be heading to germany to visit friends. Thanks for finding out that info Ben :slight_smile:
Look forward to meeting you all,