Big Red to Red Star - 23rd December 2018 to 1st Jan 2019


Hi all, I’ve just booked to go on this tour ! I am 22 from Melbourne and will be travelling solo for this trip. Just wondering who else will be joining me on this tour :slight_smile:


Hi all, Booked a few weeks ago on this tour. 29 from Brisbane and travelling solo for this holiday. Can’t wait. Been on my bucketlist for a a bit travelling through Russia.


Hi Neil, that’s exciting ! Are you travelling anywhere before or after the tour ?


Staying in Helsinki a day before and staying on for a few days in Moscow. Few things I want to see there that not on the tour namely Victory Park and a bit of the outer countryside. What about you?


Victory park would be amazing to see. Not too sure yet actually. I have a 4 day topdeck in Finland a week before big red to red star begins, so will probably just explore Finland in between them


Hey :slight_smile: , im from wa and will be on this trip too .


Hey guys!

I’ve book this trip as well. 28 from Sydney. Super keen! Where are you guys staying in Helsinki pre-tour?



Im staying at the Scandic Grand Marina the day before tour starts.


I have booked this trip as well. 15 from Brisbane


Hi Everyone,

I booked this trip last weekend. Looking forward to meeting you all soon.
I’m from Sydney and will be travelling solo



Hi guys, I’m booked on for this as well, super keen :smiley:
Probably a silly question but i’m struggling with knowing what to pack as i’ve never been in weather that cold. Any suggestions on what to pack? Are people bringing snow boots?


Hey guys! I booked very last minute for this trip travelling solo! Is there a Whatsapp group where we can all chat easily? :smile:


Hi, I am looking for another country for travel .


Hi There! I’m looking at booking this trip for feb 2020, was wondering if anyone hasn’t previously been on the trip before and had any feedback from it!