Big Red to Red Star - 23rd December 2018 to 1st Jan 2019


Hi all, I’ve just booked to go on this tour ! I am 22 from Melbourne and will be travelling solo for this trip. Just wondering who else will be joining me on this tour :slight_smile:


Hi all, Booked a few weeks ago on this tour. 29 from Brisbane and travelling solo for this holiday. Can’t wait. Been on my bucketlist for a a bit travelling through Russia.


Hi Neil, that’s exciting ! Are you travelling anywhere before or after the tour ?


Staying in Helsinki a day before and staying on for a few days in Moscow. Few things I want to see there that not on the tour namely Victory Park and a bit of the outer countryside. What about you?


Victory park would be amazing to see. Not too sure yet actually. I have a 4 day topdeck in Finland a week before big red to red star begins, so will probably just explore Finland in between them


Hey :slight_smile: , im from wa and will be on this trip too .


Hey guys!

I’ve book this trip as well. 28 from Sydney. Super keen! Where are you guys staying in Helsinki pre-tour?



Im staying at the Scandic Grand Marina the day before tour starts.


I have booked this trip as well. 15 from Brisbane


Hi Everyone,

I booked this trip last weekend. Looking forward to meeting you all soon.
I’m from Sydney and will be travelling solo