Big Balkan Tour 13 - 30 August 2018


Just wanted to find people doing this new tour. The Big Bulkan 13th - 30th Aug 2018.


I am!


Hi Rach

I am excited about this tour apparently it is new this year.
Are you traveling solo?



Yea I am. I’m from Australia but live in the UK.


Hey! I’ll be on this tour as well!

I’m also traveling solo. Will you be traveling before/after this tour?



Hi Charlotte, yes before I will be traveling from Split to Dubrovnik day off the tour, and after the tour heading to mardid to start another tour. What about you?


Nice! I’ll be in Split/Dubrovnik the week before the tour kicks off, and I have 0 plans for after the tour. So excited, it’s approaching so quickly! :sunglasses: