Best winter tours to ski



Me and my mate are looking around to see if there are any tours best for skiing and not so much touring around from point A to point B. Anyone been on any of the topdeck tours (Ski Austria, Ski Canada or Ski Japan) and got some reviews on it or even know of any other tours outside of topdeck that are recommended?



I am booked on the Japan Ski starting on the 06/01/2019.
From what I can find it is not much touring around and just 6 full days at the snow which is pretty good.
And only a max of 24 people for the Japan Ski Tour.
Let me know if you end up booking something!



Only just came across your post sorry
We managed to find another travel group (Oz Snow) which is a bit cheaper and has a few other mountains other than just Hakuba for 7 days, probs not the same set up as Topdeck but worth checking out


Thank you for sharing! I have already booked Austria Ski…