Best way to pack your bag! Roll or fold!?!?


I did a practice run of packing my bag to see if I could take everything that I wanted to take, and I could JUST fit everything in. I rolled pretty much every item of clothing because I heard that was the best way, but is it?[br]When I unrolled them all at the end, they were so damn creased!?[br]what’s the best way?[br][br]…Colina…[br]…Grand European - July 28th 2009…[br]?The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.? - Saint Augustine


Hey there,[br]I am interested as well as i had the same problem!![br]I was then told about vacuume pack bag?? But how do we use it over seas without a vacuume to suck the air out hahaha!![br]Yeah would like to know any suggestions as well!!![br]Kristie-Lee [br]Summer Fun sailing July 24th[br][br]KB


Roll!!! Yeah some of your stuff will be creased but some of the places laundries do have irons if you are concerned.[br]You will fit way more in and your bag wont be as bulky![br]Dunno a vacuum packing cause like you said without a vaccuum its kind of useless.[br]I rolled all my clothes and still do (even on weekend trips)


Thanks so much for that!!! [br]I will just have to try again hhehe! And roll it is![br][br]KB


Hey,[br][br]You can get travel space bags that don’t need a vaccuum for. Apparantly you just roll them and the air squeezes out as you roll. I haven’t really had anyone recommend them but they might be good???[br][br]Colina, well done on fitting everything in your bag!! Every place that I went to when looking for a backpack said the way to go is roll, roll, roll!! I have all my clothes laid out but haven’t tried to pack yet…feel bit nervous about it…lol…;D[br][br]Raina[br]Discover Europe July 9th[br]Followed by a week in London


yeah i would recoment roll. what i did was roll them and put it in the bra bags ( so i could see what i had, and it was compact)[br]mind you i just threw everything in at the end.[br]i got the vacuum bags to head home, they do crease a little bit but there is heaps of space. you just stick everything in and push all the air out. i got 10kg more in my bag because my clothes were flattened.[br]i had alot of trouble finding them thought, was lucky i found a bag store that had them. if you can get a couple before you leave id recomend it.[br][br][br][br]- beer is the answer, but i forgot the question- [br]summer fun & sailing[br]May 15th 09


[quote]i got the vacuum bags to head home, they do crease a little bit but there is heaps of space. you just stick everything in and push all the air out. i got 10kg more in my bag because my clothes were flattened.[br][/quote][br][br]That’s a good idea Beckahstar, i might just have to buy some for the trip home (as i’m sure i’ll buy plenty along the way).[br][br]Personally, i’m going to roll my clothes and then put an elastic band around each item. I found i can throw things in and out and they still will hold their shape so no re-folding or re-rolling. If you have certain items that crease WAY TOO MUCH then i’d suggest folding those and rolling the rest. Why not do both?!?[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European 28th July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland 5th September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


Hey Beckahstar,[br][br]That’s awesome you fit that extra 10kg in your luggage at the end of your trip, I was just wondering where you had access to a vacuum to suck the air out of the space saving bags at the end of your tour?[br][br]I have a feeling I’m going to struggle to fit everything by the end of the tour![br][br]Thanks for your help![br][br]Bonnie:)


I got teh travel vac bags too the ones that you roll so you don’t need a hoover check out this packing video[br][br]follow on the topdeck ‘spirit of Europe’ tour August 4th 2009


Hey guys,[br][br]With those space bags you can buy special travel sized ones. These ones don’t require a vacumn cleaner. To compress them all you need to do is either roll them, or what l find to be more effective, just sit on them! [br][br]l’ve been trying to work out how to best pack my suitcase too. l guess you’d have more of a space issue taking a bag but still, l’m going paranoid because even when l think l’ve packed lightly, there still doesn’t seem to be enough empty space in my case! At Katmandu l bought those packing bags, which l have in small/medium and large and it helps me to organise my underwear, pants and tops so that if l need to ruffle through my case, my clothes will still be organised.[br][br]For a bag, l’d say that rolling is probably the best way to go. Some clothes look really creased but when you put them on, sometimes the creases disapear. [br][br][br]Spirit of Europe 1st September-24th September 2009