Best way to handle money


Hi im heading on the summer fun and sailing tour in June im just wondering which is the best way to handle my money (travel card, cash etc.)


Hey @child95! Best way I’ve personally found to manage money while travelling is to always have more than one way to carry your spending money and keeping them in different places of your luggage/on your person in case of theft or ATM’s swallowing a card.

I have a re-loadable multi-currency prepaid Mastercard issued by an airline frequent flyer program which i use if i’m going to multiple countries to save on ATM withdrawal fees as it’s only got a flat $1 withdrawal rate opposed to my bank’s debit card who charge $5 + 2.5% conversion fee which I keep with me for emergency or backup only. If you have a credit card and have used it for activities or pre/post arrival accommodation bring that with too as some hotels won’t let you check in without one (or at least a debit card!)

I always have a small amount of cash in the local currency with me too - enough for 1-2 days initially (in case I need to get a taxi/bus or if I’m arriving late at night/early in the morning). If you can’t get the currency where you are due to low demand (e.g. Hungarian Forint is one I remember) having some cash in a major currency like USD/GBP/EUR helps as they’re widely accepted by exchange offices, usually with a better rate than currencies like AUD/SGD.

Depending on where you’re travelling from as well your bank or credit card issuer may have special traveler’s credit/debit cards or bank accounts that have no or minimal international transaction fees, so always shop around and see what you can find!

Hope this has been helpful :smile:


Hi Thanks heaps for your help! im heading to Europe for the summer fun and sailing tour in june. I have read a few different reviews on travel cards, and bank travel cards, but a lot with additional frees, Not sure if I read it on yours though about the Citibank cards? that is looking to be the best so far. but thank you for your opinion on how to handle it all. feels like theres so much to organise but it will be worth it im sure :smile:


You may have many options like carrying cash, cards, travellers cheques, wiring money, etc.
If you are carrying cash with you then the golden rule for travel money is never keep all your eggs (money) in one basket (your bag or wallet). If you get robbed or misplace your stuff, you lose everything. Carry a useful amount of cash for a day hidden somewhere discreetly, and leave the rest in a secure spot, like your hotel safe.
Using cards on the road can have loads of payoffs, and it’s smart to use a mix of these so that you have a backup if your primary money goes missing. Credit cards come in handy for making reservations, larger purchases and are excellent in case of emergencies.
The global proliferation of ATMs (they even have them high in the Himalayas) has made travellers cheques a less-popular option. They are no longer as widely accepted as they used to be, and changing cheques can involve drawn-out bureaucracy and yards of red tape.
If all other options fail, you could always ask someone to wire you money. Western Union and Moneygram have agents all over the world where you can receive a wire transfer from home, but you pay a premium for the service – sometimes as much as 30% of the transfer amount. Just pray you have an understanding relative! :innocent:


Look into different credit cards, as some are created for international travel. I have a Capital One Journey card that has no additional rates for using abroad and it was great for any places that accepted cc.

I would keep in mind a way to have cash as cards might not always be accepted.