Best way to get from Greece airport to hostel?


Hey[br]Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of how to get from the airport in athens to the hostel where I meet up with the tour group?? I’m travelling by myself and I don’t think taking the public transit would be the best idea… maybe a taxi? or a shuttle of some sort? Any ideas??? [br]Thanks![br][br][br]Jaclyn[br]-Olympic Link[br]July 24 - Aug 13


Hey! I actually need to do the exact same thing 2 weeks after you… I think I was just planning on taking a taxi or the bus. Im flying in in the middle of the aft, so I dont think Id feel not safe. [br][br]But please let me know if you have any tips afterwards![br][br]Meredith Fraser[br]Olympic Link Aug 7 - 27


Hey i’m actually arriving in Greece the same day and am in the exact same boat. I was just going to use the directions on the tour itinerary…


my travel agent said you can book transfers, group or private from the airport to ur hotel/hostel[br][br]Great Eastern 2009[br]Oct2-Oct18


Sweet… thanks for the ideas… I figure I could probably get onto the public transit since I am also arriving in the afternoon. Im just afraid of getting off at the wrong stop in the middle of greece… hopefully it works out lol![br][br][br]Jaclyn[br]-Olympic Link[br]July 24 - Aug 13


Are you flying with British Airways Jaclyn? I arrive at 12 noon to athens…would be good to know if there were other topdeckers on the flight so we could split a cab!