Best travel card



So confused after reading a million reviews about different options for travel cards when in europe.
What have people found to be the best one? No too keen on the 28 degrees mastercard as i dont want to get into using a credit card of any type!
The Citibank Plus Transaction account looks good but still not sure!

Please someone help

Thanks! :slight_smile:


The easist one I have found is the Travelex Cash Passport (which you can also purchase through Australia Post). There is obviously a commission etc on the card, however, they act as debit visa/mastercards, so not a credit card.

The ANZ Travelcard is also a good option - again, it is a prepaid card, so you arenโ€™t stuck in an account situation. You can just order the card in the currency you want and be done.

Hope this helps.


Also, if you buy the Cash Passport through the Travelex website, the inital purchase is commission FREE. The exchange rate also is usually marginally better than the cash rate.


1% loading fee, free withdrawals



thanks for the information
did some research about the travel cards etc, but think im going to open a Citibank Plus Transaction account, seems to be a pretty good deal!


A mate just came back from Europe and he recommends using the Commonwealth Bank money card. After doing my own bit of research, I tend to agree. You can load more than one currency onto the card (e.g. Pounds & Euros) so you can avoid paying the wrong currency conversion fee if you plan ahead.

Here is the article I was getting my info from:


Thanks, turns out im going to use my normal ING bank card. works out cheaper!


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