Best time to visit the Greek Islands


Hey guys!

I was just wondering if anyone would know the best time to travel the Greek Islands?
I know the peak season is around July and I definitely don’t want to go around that time.
Would september - november be any good?

And is anyone planning on travelling alone or with a group around the end of this year to Greece or even any part of Europe?
I’m definitely keen as a bean too, though I don’t want to travel alone!



Hey mate,

Thats a good question. I will be in Greece from the 25th of September (after Oktoberfest) getting on the Eastern Link tour but its the first time I have been to Europe so I don’t know when is the best time to go to greece. And I am travelling alone which too be honest I am a little nervous about.


Thanks dear u sharing good thing 9ic!


Early July to end of August is peak season to visit Greece Island.


hi, i will be doing the greek island hopper from october 12 to 21. not sure if this is a great time to go but i am so looking forward to it. Ten days in greece is going to be amazing.