Best Time to go?


Hey guys,[br][br]I’ve been looking at many trips and so far thinking the spirt of europe is going to be the trip! Now the hard bit is picking which date to leave. Most people from what I have read choose to leave June/July is this because its the hottest part of the year or for some other reason? at this stage I’m looking at the 4th of may departure for 2010. So if anyone can suggest that this isn’t the best time to go or not? pretty much any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. [br][br][br]Anthony [br](Adelaide, Australia)


Hey Anthony,[br]I did the European Getaway this year and left on the 16th May. June/July is a popular time as it is Summer but for that reason its also not the best time as places are SO crowded. Even in May the queue to get into The Vatican Museum and the Collosseum where long (about 20min to get in) but I would imagine at the height of Summer it would be more then double that.[br]We had fabulous weather, there was actually a heatwave in Italy (37 degrees in Rome) it was warm enough to go swimming in Nice and you could wear shorts/t-shirts in Switzerland (if you weren’t up the mountain). I would stick with May if you don’t want crowds, June/July if you want hot weather.[br]Hope this helps[br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009[br]Brugge Christmas Market Weekend 19-20 Dec 2009[br]Hogmany Edinbrugh 30 Dec 2009


I went in June as I wanted to go in summer. Places were crowded but I don’t remember having to miss out on anything because of queues.[br][br]Probably the biggest queue will be to go up the Eiffel Tower, although luckily I had done that on a previous trip so didn’t have to give up any of my free day in Paris for it.[br][br]With the Coloseum, the tip is to buy the combined ticket (for Coloseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill) at the Roman Forum down the road then go to the Coloseum and it’s only a minor queue for those already holding tickets. We also went first thing in the morning to try and beat the queues.[br][br]As for the Vatican, if you do the Topdeck optional guided tour there is no queue. You meet the tour guide outside and he gets you straight in. [br]


Hey guys,[br][br]Thanks heaps for that. and scoony I’m going to that expo on the weekend have been talking to ppl that have saved hundreds so hopefully I can save abit there too. Thanks for the heads up ajc28 about the queues, I’ll make sure I get a ticket from the roman forum.[br][br]Thanks again


I know this was was posted a while ago but thought Id post this incase anyone else looks at it…[br][br]I’m from the UK and have travelled around Europe a bit. If you come over here in summer its fine as the UK doesnt get to hot. The Netherlands and other northern european countries are quite nice too in summer. However in August the temperature in Rome has been up to 42 degrees c when I have been there, south of France will reach 40 too and Spain is about 30-35 in the summer. Best time would probs be May as it is just starting to get warm everywhere.[br][br]Regarding queues… you may want to avoid going places in the school holidays as that is when Europe is busiest. I went to the Vatican over Easter and school hols and had to pay 90 euros to do a tour so I could avoid the 5 hour queue.[br][br]The English (and this will affect the rest of Europe) have:[br]1 week hol in middle of Feb[br]2 week hol at Easter[br]1 week hol end of May[br]6 weeks hol starting middle of July until beginning of Sept[br][br]Just try and avoid those times in Europe if you can and it’ll be fine.[br][br]Hope this helps future people :-)[br][br]Pyramids and Beaches, February 2009


If you’re going to be doing a hostel/hotel tour then I’d say that the weather won’t matter that much as you will always be sleeping somewhere warm and dry. If you’re thinking of camping however July/August are your best bet because before and after that it will be COLD! I did the 47 day Mega tour which finished September 17th this year and towards the end I used to wake up shivering with cold despite sleeping in as many clothes as I could physically wear, the days were fine it was just at night that the temperature really dropped. Granted I had a teeny tiny sleeping bag that wasn’t the warmest but everyone was feeling it. [br][br]August will be very hot in Italy but after we got past there I found it bearable- lovely in fact, got a gorgeous tan! Rome and Florence were the only places where the heat actually bothered me to the extent that I felt I couldn’t walk around sightseeing past a certain time. My advice would be to get what you want to do out of the way in the morning when it’s cooler and then find somewhere to sunbathe/swim in the afternoon! [br][br]Plus- a little tip for the Colosseum- you can buy quite reasonably priced guided tours (think we paid 20 euros for ours) from people outside which will allow you to skip the queues and you can easily haggle them down if there’s a lot of you. We could have gone to Palatine Hill as well if we’d have wanted but it was just too hot.[br][br]Mega European 2nd August- 17th September 2009