Best SIM card or prepaid data plan for Europe?



I am doing a Topdeck Tour through Europe as well as some solo travel before and after and was hoping to hear what people did for data while away? Does anyone have any information or suggestions on a good data plan for Europe? I don’t need to make calls but mainly want to be able to keep in contact with friends and family back in Australia over facebook etc. without having to pay too much.

I will be travelling through a lot of countries(including through Eastern Europe) and while some hostels seem to have wifi, others don’t, and I definitely don’t want to have to rely on roaming charges. In your experience, is it necessary or are there enough wifi hotspots to survive without data?

Thanks for your help,
Emma :slight_smile:


In all honesty you don’t reallyneed a sim card. You’ll be surprised how much free wifi there is out there. Even in eastern Europe. The only places where it was great was switzerland which you had to pay for and mykonos


I traveled over there for 6 weeks and maybe had 5 days over the entire trip where I either had to pay for it or it was bad


Hi there,

I just got back from a Spirit of Europe trip and I definitely regret organizing a Global SIM before I left. Used it twice (just in Hungary when I was trying to get in contact with a group from my tour when we became separated). You honestly won’t need it, save your money for something else!

If you want the peace of mind, just check with your local provider how much it is to call/text from your normal SIM before departure and know you’ve got this as an emergency option.

Have an awesome time on your trip!


Hey so on our tour we had quite a bit of trouble with wifi along the way (quite a few places it wasn’t working). I bought a sim from Three in London they have plans that allow you to use the allowance across Europe (only places it didn’t work was in Germany, the Netherlands and Czech Republic from my tour- european getaway) which for me was 12gb data :slight_smile: I definitely found it worthwhile


I would suggest you to have a look on prepaid sims in each country. I guess you will find a wifi somehow, but not always easy. Sometimes I found difficulties in finding a hotspot, not mentioning that usually in coffees you have to buy something in order to use it. Sometimes it’s easier, much more convenient and cheap to buy a prepaid card. Depends on a country you stay in. For example, in Lithuania one of the options could be to buy prepaid sim ezys ( You buy a sim for 2,29 € in every shop or kiosk and you already have inside 1 GB of 4G internet, 250 min local calls and 6000 SMS. Something similar can find in other countries as well. I think not being all the time dependent on the hotspots is giving you more freedom and time for exploring new places.