Best of the Meds



Is there anyone joining the Best of the Meds tour on the 18th July 2011?? I am a 24yr old female from Sydney and I am travelling alone for the first time. It would be nice to meet people before the tour…



Hi there Benny, we are looking at the one departing on June 6. Sounds like an awesome trip aye!!


I am all booked for July 18…I havent found anyone yet…but i supose its early days


Hi :slight_smile:

Im looking at booking this tour for the 18th also, it looks awesome. I may book it in the next week or two. Im from Melbourne 25yr male.

keep you posted :slight_smile:


Hey everyone

Im also all booked for this tour on the 18th. Im Jamie from Sydney, 23 yr male. Im also travelling alone for the first time.

Sounds like an awesome trip. cant wait!


Hey does anyone have facebook?


Hi guys,

Its been a while since i posted but i have an update, today i booked the trip for the 18th of July… I CANT WAIT!!! I do have facebook Benny :slight_smile:


hehehe feels good to book doesnt it…not long to go now…how u doin for saving? i thought more people would use this to sus out who we will be on tour with…r u only doing the tour or spending time elsewhere?


Hahaha… it just feels awesome that its locked in and is something to really look forward too ;D
Its not that far away if you think about it!!!

The saving is going good, the deposit gives you a bit of time to get things together. How about yourself?
I was also really surprised that there werenÂ’t more people on the forum. The forum is great for finding out who is on your tour and organising your trip with new people.

I will be only doing the tour on this holiday and spending one extra day before hand in Madrid and an extra day in Athens afterwards.
What are your plans and are you travelling elsewhere?



Ive paid for all my trip just trying to save my spending money now so working extra hard…coz its so close it is a pretty good motivator!

i will also be staying in athens an extra day after the tour (how my flights worked out to be) but yeh for now this is my only travel plans…maybe next time ill go see the rest of europe…starting off small…

anyways add me to facebook if u like (Bengul Fahri)

take care


hey guys, how u going?

i’ve also got facebook if you like?

All set for the trip? I’ve also been saving till the trip starts.

you can find me as Jamie Mazzelli


Hi Jamie,

Couldn’t find you on facebook. lol.
How about yourself what’s your plans for the trip, are you travelling elsewhere?


p.s for anyone else who may be on the tour join in on the convo. lol.


Yeh Jamie i couldnt find u either…

at least we have 3 people…thats a start!


Found ya Benny!!! :slight_smile: thanks for the add.

and there were 3… hahaha


No problems!

Happy savings people! I mean all 3 people yay haha :slight_smile:


hey everyone,

ill try n add u both. never had problems with ppl looking for me before lol oh well.

My plans for the trip is to see all the awesome spots and have a great time, Ive always wanted to around the mediterranean. I am also going to Malta straight after, im leaving after the athens dinner. its getting closer to the date, all excited?


Italy is one of the main ones I’m looking forward to…I wanted to extend my trip at the end (one of my friends wants to go around a bit) but I cant change my flight now :confused: flight centre says no it cannot be done…singapore airlines is like yes it can…so gotta sus that out…if i do get to extend it ill b adding germany and france to the trip…


Im so excited, it will be awesome :slight_smile: Same Jamie always wanted to do the Med. Iv been to Italy but over 10years ago to see my family. i was only a young kid, so now its a different story. I would have loved to extend my trip by a few weeks and do Germany and France like you Benny however it was hard for me to take off more than 4 weeks from work. Suckkkk!!!

I plan to see as much as i can, soak in the european sun and have a ball :slight_smile: Im looking forward to meeting you both. ;D


I cant wait to get there already. it will be the first time for me out of the country. This trip should be a blast. i was luky i was able to get a whole month off work, so I was able to at least fit about a week of malta at the end.

Daniel ill see if i can find u on facebook. lookin foward in meeting the both of you aswell.


2 months to go :slight_smile: