Best ideas for travel cards and money carrying


hey guys
have tried to find as much info on travel cards vs credit cards vs every day bank card and money for europe.
any one have recommendations on any particular travel card that is good for Europe (ie the rates for using card) or other ideas when it comes to money.
thanks in advance


I’mgoing to use a cash passport card and you can load up to i think (20 something currencies) you vist eg the bank and put eg 4000€ On and its locked in at the currency rate you loaded the money on with. Just spend like a local after that. You can add more money to the card if needed via online banking. And ill be carring a small amount if cash too. Hope this helps. Using a credit card you get charged currency fees etc


I have a payoneer card which I all the time. I can carry the money I need and whenever I want I use use it.


I used Cash Passport for my trip to New Zealand but I am swapping to a commonwealth bank travel card for Europe :slight_smile: I messaged Topdeck and my travel agent and they both suggested the commonwealth card so that’s what I have decided on! The rates seem really good as well


I have also heard good things on this card


Yupp Jessica_Budija, I have also heard good things on this card