Best Currency transfer rate


Hey everyone…

Just thought i ask for those that are in Australia where is the best place to get your currency converted ??? for the best rate


I’ve only used travelex… apparently theres somewhere in melbourne city just a smaller place that has good rates unfortunately i don’t who they are. If your order travelex online and collect from them you save by not paying them commission fees. Banks seem to be higher and i was warned to steer clear of them. Think its matter of google and keeping eye on rates (which is what I’ve been doing for past couple months) some places are upto 1 or 2c difference.

Try has various providers for currency exchange but obviously more than just those out there.


Hi! I always use travel money oz, they don’t charge fees or commission and they do this thing that if you find a better current rate they will beat it by $1aud per conversion so what I do is just before I go to get money converted I go on all the banks websites and other currency exchange places websites and find the best rate and when you get there ask what their rate is and then say you found a better rate at x, and they will check it and give you a better rate then that place I did it for all the money I converted for my last trip to Europe, I did it so much the guy who served me every time just asked where the rate was from as soon as I told him the currency I wanted lol