Best brand of luggage


I’m going to be in Europe for 3 weeks in June. I was wondering what specific brands of luggage people have used and would recommend. My requirements include being able to keep it in the cabin, wheels, and backpack straps.


Kathmandu are great for luggage…

And PacSafe are great for your backpack/cross body bag as they are tamper proof and super safe to travel with :slight_smile:

Have a great trip :smiley:


Just realised your from the US… not sure if Kathmandu is available there :frowning: (what a shame seeing as it’s the best!) but PacSafe definitely is :slight_smile:


I wanted good luggage as well. I went with a brand called Black Wolf, dont know if you have it in the States.


Thanks for the suggestions, Morgan and aimz39. I haven’t heard of any of these brands, but I’m sure I could get them somehow. Perhaps on Ebay.