Berlin to Oslo 24th August


Hi, [br][br]Just wondered who else is going on this trip, think its also the first part of the Red Star Special trip!! Not long now :stuck_out_tongue:


HI! how are ya!? im doing the red star special that starts on the 24th august in berlin, im assuming this is the same tour as yours?! ive had something posted on here for ages, as yet i havent had any replies or found anyone else. Im probably just a bit early and eager, as i left Australia a little while ago and am travelling in South america at the mo! Gettin excited for the tour?? [br]Chao, Emalee


Very excited, we’re just doing the first 10days to Oslo though :-(. I’m going with my brother and my brothers friend. Are you going alone? How old are you?


hey! yep im going all alone!! im 22, but will be 23 in 2 whole days, yay - birthday in brazil! how about you guys?


I’m 27 TOMORROW! My brother and his friend are 24 (i think or 25)!! Great! What are you doing about money? Are you taking currency or just getting money in each country with your card?[br][br]I’m new to all this, getting excited tho, wish i was going on whole tour[v]


Oh how weird, same birthday! Have a great one!![br][br]Ive got my visa debit card and ive got a Travellex cash passport card! so ill be getting cash out at Atms wherever we go, its the easiest i think! last time i was travelling was 3 years ago, did a contiki around europe, was awesome, so im excited about this one too!! [br][br]cant wait to meet you all! just look for the short girl, brown hair, white skin (or maybe red from the brazillian sun) sruggling with her oversized and overfilled backpack!!!