Berlin/Prague to London


Hi guys,

I’m going to be travelling to Europe with a group of friends in July 2013. We’ll be doing Amsterdam and Berlin on our own, but I was wondering is there any tours that finish in London that we could join or start in Berlin or Prague? The places we’d like to visit on the tour is Venice, Rome, Florence, Lucerne and Paris. We’re flexible with the places we visit. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


Looks like a great trip ahead for you. We best wishes for you. These are the best places in Europe specially Venice, Rome and Florence. I want to go there during my vacations.


[size=4][/size] Hi. I have seen one company that does this … might not actually stop in Lucerne, but did stop in Switzerland. PM me if you haven’t found a tour yet.
I have a similar wish list but will do it independently … most of these cities deserve 3 nights i think. I’m travelling Aug-Oct 2013 and will try the train network to get around :slight_smile: