Berlin New Year 2013-2014

Hi guys,

Is anyone doing this trip? I’m thinking about booking soon.

Sarah from Sydney

I am thinking about booking to go on this trip with my friend. We are both from New Zealand.
Berlin is meant to be an amazing place to spend new year!


Hi Sarah/Amelia - I’m thinking about booking this tour as well! Have you guys confirmed yet?

Tiffany from Canada :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

I’ve just booked the trip :slight_smile:
Really looking forward to spending New Years in Berlin!


I’m thinking about booking this tour too, Jess from England :slight_smile: Anyone else confirmed?

Yes we have confirmed! Really looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I’m also thinking about signing up for this. I know it’s sort of last-minute, but oh well. I’m studying abroad in Stuttgart right now, so it’s not too far away for me. Either Berlin or Prague, I’m not sure…

I’m going to Berlin for New Years Eve this year.

I have lived in berlin for I guess 5 years and I believe its the best place one can ever be in. Its simply beautiful with all tall buildings and hotels.