Being alone on the tour


Hey guys,

Just wondering what happens during the free time on the tours? I am wondering if we are left on our own and how people stayed safe? I have heard some stories about things that could happen so I just wanted to ask as I would prefer not to be on my own walking around a strange city, safety in numbers I guess? This is my first trip traveelling on my own, so a wee bit nervous!

I’m travelling on the European Uncovered tour departing Sept 3rd if anyone wants to get in touch.

Tracey :slight_smile:


Hey Tracey,
Generally in the free time people still go sightseeing together anyway as you will make friends on the tour.
But still most cities are ok to wander around on your own during the day. I went around Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam on my own and I was fine. Just make sure you stay in a group when out at night to be safe. And the trip leaders give you heaps of advice on where to go and what to avoid so don’t stress :slight_smile:


Thanks Kimberly! :slight_smile: If anyone has an other advice for europe I would love to hear it :slight_smile:


Hi Tracey, I would suggest…

taking wondersoap to do washing, much easier then trying to find laundry mats and spending money that can be saved. I hung laundry around hotel room and it dried VERY quickly due to hot weather!

Also have snacks and entertainment (pack of cards, book ect.) for long days on the bus!

Hope u enoy your tour!