Bed bugs?!


Hi there,

I am booked in to do the Britain and Ireland tour and received my hotel list yesterday. I looked the hotels up on Trip Advisor and some of the comments were terrible!! In particular, the hotel in Glasgow has had numerous people wake up having been bitten all over by bed bugs! Has anyone done this tour and/or can anyone comment on what the hotels are like when touring with Topdeck? This is my first Topdeck tour.



OMG, you are scaring me! It will be my first topdeck tour too this summer. I will be checking my mattress in every hotel and hostel and if I find anything suspicious I guess I will just sleep on a chair (if there are chairs in the room) or stay up all night and sleep on the bus.


Hi Guys,

We have had a complaint about this on our first UK trip for the season and have addressed the issue with the hotel. We have not received any further complaints from consecutive trips so hopefully the issue is sorted.

Enjoy your trip!