Beaches and pyramids


hey i am traveling in feb 2013
just wondering is any1 is going around then. also looking at tips with markets, and travel cards or should i just get Egypt pounds in cash instead of having to use a card every were. i am also having a few extra days there aswel any other places i should see?


hey trent. im travelling all throughout europe and then doing the nile discovery 8 day tour of egypt beginning on the 17th feb.


hey there. I went to Egypt earlier this year and one of the biggest pains we had was finding an ATM when you needed one! And there were times as well that you would find an atm and it wouldn’t work (out of money, broken etc). So we ended up just getting out large amounts whenever possible (just remember not to carry it all on you). There are ATMs at the airport though so if you don’t have any LEs on you till you get into Egypt it’s no biggie.

Remember to make sure you have money for your visa when you arrive in Cairo as well. You are able to pay with US dollars, Euros or English pounds (not Scottish pounds as they wont accept them even though its actually the same currency in Britain just different pics).

Tips with markets? In the markets - barter, barter, barter! With everything, even water. The cheapest big bottle I ever got was 3LE (major bargain) and then it could range up to 15/20LE. But some would try and get you to pay more and although once or twice ‘expensive’ water is okay, it quickly adds up!

And when you barter, they will often refuse to go lower. If you start to walk away and say ‘nope forget it, way too much’ then usually they will call you back with what a lower price (unless you are going way too low for them). First time felt so weird, but by the end of it, it’s actually pretty fun!

Is that the kinda thing you wanted to know about the markets?? Feel free to ask any questions! :slight_smile: I loved Egypt -definitely an amazing experience!


Hey hey…I’m going on this on the 22 december2012…just wondering if anyone else is going on the same tour?


I’m going on this trip in Feb! ;D

Would be keen to know how the portion of the trip to the Sinai will go as our travel advisory board says there is extreme risk to safety in this area and tourists have been kidnapped there recently.


hey…i Just recently returned form the Pyramids and Beaches tour in Egypt and i must say it has by far been one of the most amazing tours i have ever been on. Egypt is a truly amazing country with beautiful people. We travelled to Dahab in convoys with the military and did not come across any trouble on the way as far as safety issues are concerned.

As mentioned previously, ATMS are scarce and its best to carry around cash where possible.

i hope you enjoy it as much as i did :slight_smile:


Sweet! I hope we get a military convoy on our trip. B-)

Was the trip to St Catherine good?



im sure you will also be travelling in convoys lol

i unfortunately did not make the trip to St Catherine as i was ill, however friends form my group said it was truly spectacular. Mt Sinai is definitely worth the late night hike and early morning icy weather :slight_smile:

if you have anymore questions i’ll be glad to help!