Beach and Bush - ex Sydney - March 5th - Holla!


Hello fellow travellers! 99 Days to go, looking for anyone else going on said trip!


25 days to go!!! Anyone?!


Hey! My name is Anita, 27, from Canada. Can’t wait, starting so soon! Where’s everyone from?


Hey! My name is Gwen and I’m from Canada too! What part are you from? When are you getting to Sydney?


Hey Gwen, I’m closer to Toronto. I’m arriving on the morning of the 4th (super tight I know). How bout you?


I’m from Edmonton! :slight_smile: I’ve been living in Adelaide since the end of July, but I’m heading up to Sydney tomorrow to have a couple days to see the city. Are you doing any other tours?


Cool, that’s a nice warm move! I’m also doing the Southern cross Melborne to Adelaide starting Apr. 1st.

See you very soon!


Aww nice! Let me know when you get here. I put my number in the group cha! :slight_smile: