Bastille Day in Paris


Hey everyone, Im doing the Spirit of Europe tour leaving on the 13th of July 2010. I have just realised that our only free day in Paris lands on Bastille Day this year. Dispite the fun atmospher and all I have read that almost everything is closed. Which of the main attractions are still visitable on this holiday? secondly will this offect any of the optional extra for the evening ie the show or the river cruise. Although I have traveled to paris, my friends i am traveling with have not and really hope they dont miss out on all the best bits of paris.
It would be great to hear from either admin or a past traveller about this situation :slight_smile:
Thanks, Sair


You’re pretty lucky - they usually have good fireworks in Paris for Bastille Day! If you do a google search you can probably find what museums and sites will be open. All the big ones have websites which translate into English. As far as the Topdeck optionals, you’ll probably find the cabaret is closed (most are on Bastille Day) but the river cruise might still be operating.