Barcelona to Rome 3rd July 2010


no one is saying anything about the barcelona to rome tours in these forums…

am i the only one going?!!? haha


Hey! I’m going tooo!
I know what you mean about noone mentioning this trip on fb or the forum, super excited though! ;D


hahah well, maybe its just you and me?! lol


Hey guys. I just got back from the June 10th(?) date of this tour. Had a GREAT time, and I’m already looking to do another tour.

My understanding was that the Barca->Rome tours are brand new… I think we were the 2nd group that did it. Also our group was only 15 people, several of which had booked through other travel agencies and didn’t actually know it was a topdeck tour. So that would definitely explain why there’s little chatter online and no reviews.

If you had any questions about the tour, ask away and I can try my best to answer them before your leave date. Especially if you need hotel suggestions.

Regardless, definitely call the office or perhaps email the hotel and verify your start hotel reservations etc. There was a bit of a mixup where half the tour was told the wrong start hotel on the official itinerary. Topdeck resolved it, but it caused a 2 hour delay.


hi! glad to hear you had a good time. did you do the barca-> rome or the rome–> barca. we are on the barca-> rome. our itinerary says our start hotel is the confortel barcelona, was that where you guys started?


We did Barca -> rome. We started at Hotel Paral.el, and my guess is that you’ll start there too because of walking convenience. Obviously the hotel may change from trip to trip, but I’d call someone just to make sure. About half of our 15 group tour had an itinerary starting them at a different (wrong) hotel across town and there was a bit of chaos getting them to Paral.el. Also, carry a 0.5L bottle of water and a 1.5-2L bottle of water (to keep on the bus). There’s several places to fill them up during the trip and you’re hiking through some hills in the heat.

On our trip there were only 3 group optionals:
flamenco in Barcelona (e7) - worth it
cooking class in Tuscany (e40) - um… the cooking part of the class itself wasn’t worth it, but we were there about 5 hours with lots of wine, which made it worth worth it. Plus, there was a bit of a random trip folly that made the evening even more enjoyable.
Vatican in rome (e40?) - worth it

There were also a few optional activities you could do with the tour guide if you didn’t want to run around the towns yourself, but we didn’t do any of those. Like rollerblading or biking etc.

We also had Katie as our tour guide. She was great! Hope you guys have fun!


Hi… I’m going on this trip too… looks like there might be 3 of us. And all from Aus and NZ lol
My itenerary says it starts at the Confortel aswell.


I also have plans to travel this tour. Can anyone help me? Thanks.