Bangkok Nightlife Scene: what are your recommendations?


Now I’m planning another aspect of my trip: nightlife. I’d like to go out during my stay, and I’m looking for recommendations of any kind: bars, clubs, gastropubs, tours, etc. If you can recommend me something cool to do during the evening, then please let me know!

For example, I’ve added Apoteka, a gastropub in Soi 11, to my list of places to visit during my stay, because it sounds great: good music from local pubs, delicious food and plenty of cocktails. Furthermore, from what I’ve read, it is widely visited by expats and tourists, and I’d like to meet other travelers as well.

I’d also like to go to the Onyx club, because from what I’ve read, it is one of the best in the city. Also, I’d like to add something like visiting a night market (what are your recommendations?) and cruise the Chao Phraya (what company do you recommend?)

I know that these are many questions, but all help will be appreciated! :slight_smile: