Baltic Explorer - Xmas tour 21st Dec


Hi,[br][br]I"m booked on the Baltic Explorer Xmas tour starting in Riga, Latvia on Sun 21st Dec.[br][br]Anyone else booked on this tour?? [br][br]Anyone done the Baltic Explorer before? I’d love to know what it’s like, hotels, transport etc.[br][br]Also any tips on what it’s like in Latvia & Estonia in winter would be fantastic.[br][br]Thanks!


Hi,[br]This question is to Topdeck, I’d like to know if this tour is confirmed to run. [br]It’s less than 45 days now until departure. My travel agent is onto it, but would be good if i could get confirmation here also.[br][br]Anyone else on this tour? I know at last check there were 14 ppl booked. Obviously nobody on theses boards tho :frowning:


I know how you feel cat_rules. My tour is fully booked but so far there is no one on the forum who is going on my tour… :(oh well will just have to meet everyone on the first day![br][br]Essential Europe Winter Tour- 23rd Dec


Hey there cat_rules!![br][br]Im on that tour too! I get into Riga on the 20th so hopefully a little longer to explore the place. When do you arrive?[br][br]Im not really sure what the tour will be like but really looking forward to it![br][br]Regards[br]Luke